Thai Foot Massage


What is Thai Foot Massage?

It takes it’s origins from Shiatsu, Reflexology, Chinese Massage & Indian Ayurvedi yoga and has been used throughout Thailand and the Far East for over 2000 years to help promote relaxation and wellbeing by a combination of massage techniques applied to the lower legs and feet.

This treatment involves hands on stretching and massage to open “Sen” energy lines and restore balance. It is both very relaxing and a very invigorating treatment that helps with a number of symptoms and conditions.

What to Expect?

Thai Foot Massage is a hands on treatment that uses both the hands and a traditional Thai Massage Stick to apply pressure to certain areas of the feet and lower legs. It also involves stretching the muscles in the lower leg to aid relaxation.

Our treatment also involves the use of an Infra Red Heat Lamp and Hot Stones to aid both the relaxation and rejuvenation process.

Thai Foot Massage is a excellent treatment for anyone who is on their feet all day at work. It is also beneficial to athletes, cyclists etc to help the body recover from the stresses of exercise.


Benefits of Thai Foot Massage

  • Improves Circulation in the Legs &  Feet
  • Helps to combat the symptoms of stress
  • Can improve sleep
  • Helps sufferers of Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Aids the recovery of muscles after exercise
  • Improves stiffness & flexibility
  • Increases lymphatic drainage