Hot Stone Massage

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What is Hot Stone Massage?

Hot stone massage is a slightly different kind of massage in which heated stones are used to first heat and relax your muscles, and then massage different parts of your body. It is one of the most relaxing forms of massage you can receive! In addition, at Therapy Room NI we offer the use of hot stones in our other treatments, to further your relaxation.

There is evidence that the Chinese used heated stones more than 2,000 years ago as a means of improving the function of internal organs. Stones were also used for healing work in North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Egypt and India.

How does it work?

To prepare for the treatment, the stones are heated in water, using an electric heater, until they are within a precise temperature range (typically between 52-54°C). I then place the stones on specific points on the back. While the points may vary depending on areas of muscle tension and your health history, they are generally placed along both sides of the spine, in the palms of the hand, on the legs or between the toes.

I will then use oiled stones to massage areas of the body. (not my hands!) As the muscles have already been heated and relaxed with the hot stones, a deeper massage can be given with less pressure.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

Like all the other treatments we offer, hot stone massage is a deeply relaxing experience. The heat of the stones is quite comforting and can provide a deep sense of relaxation. It’s also a great alternative to traditional massage – since less pressure needs to be applied it’s a more pain-free way of relieving muscle tension!

Other benefits can include:

  • Stress reduction;
  • Effective muscle relaxation thanks to the heat in the stones;
  • Improves health conditions, particularly arthritis, fibromyalgia, hypertension and musculoskeletal problems;
  • Improved sleep – hot stone massage can help with insomnia;
  • Pain relief – particularly muscle aches/back pain;
  • Improves blood circulation;
  • Facilitates recovery from injury;
  • Gives you a happy feeling!

It also gives you that much needed break from the stresses of daily life to focus on the most important person in your life – you! So why not take some much needed ‘you’ time to chill out?

Available Treatments

In addition to stand alone hot stone massage, at Therapy Room NI we offer the following hot stone treatments:

  • Neck, Shoulder & Back Hot Stone Massage – 1 hour £38;
  • Leg & Foot Hot Stone Massage with Reflexology – 1 hour £30;
  • All other treatments can have hot stones added for an extra £5.


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