Holistic Body Massage


What is Holistic Body Massage?

Our Signature treatment is specifically tailored to your individual needs. As a Holistic Massage therapist, I treat you as a whole person, which takes into account your emotional needs as well as physical requirements.

This type of massage uses different massage techniques, as well as subtle energy work which includes the use of Aromatherapy, Colour Therapy and Deep pressure pointing.

Every Treatment is unique, therefore giving you a totally relaxed yet energised feeling. A Holistic massage differs from normal massage as it gives you an overall feeling of well being & helps restore inner balance.

Benefits of Holistic Body Massage

Holistic Body Massage has many benefits and can help with many conditions:

  • Promotes Deep Relaxation 
  • Helps release endorphins – the body’s feel good chemicals
  • Helps to reduce stress & anxiety
  • Promotes better sleep patterns and improves symptoms of insomnia
  • Increases energy & improves mental clarity
  • Helps to relax muscles, aids flexibility and improves circulation
  • Improves breathing & respiration
  • Helps to strengthen the immune system
  • Improves lymphatic drainage & helps to remove lactic acid & toxins
  • Can help reduce blood pressure
  • Relieves eye strain, headaches, and migraine

What to expect

During a Holistic Body Massage I will use various relaxation techniques to help you totally “switch off” in combination with soothing music, lighting and scents.

With the use of warm Aromatherapy oils and warm towels this massage will leave you feeling totally relaxed and rejuvenated. Holistic Body Massage is a deep therapeutic massage and you will expect to leave feeling totally de-stressed as tension is released

A Holistic Full Body Massage gives you 90 mins of total pampering.