Baby Reflexology

The Gift of Reflexology

I have come to the conclusion, that if we want generations after us to lead happier and healthier lives, we must begin with our children.

I discovered the power of reflexology when I was the main carer for my parents. I knew nothing about the treatment, but I followed the principle, and just by massaging my dads feet, and applying light pressure to certain areas, the results were truly wonderful.

Now almost 6 years on, I can proudly say I am now a qualified reflexologist.


When I was a new mum (17 years ago) like all mums, I played silly games & sang silly rhymes with my son. Take for instance the rhyme “round and round the garden” the foot movement used in this rhyme from a refloxology point of view is working on the solar plexus, which helps to aid relaxation. Similarly ”This little piggy” works on the head, teeth, sinus areas, an interesting thought indeed.

There is no greater power, than the power of touch between a mother and baby, in fact it is a bond for life. You would do anything for your child, so you can help them when they are in pain.

Reflexology is the greatest gift you could give your baby. They will be lifetime advocates to world of Alternative therapy.

As a Mum and also a Complementary therapist, being able to pass on the benefits of touch therapies to our youngest generation is important to me. Informed children are our future, and I want to contribute to helping build that future.

Therapy Room NI, Limavady. Reflexology & Complementary Therapy Clinic
Therapy Room NI, Limavady. Reflexology & Complementary Therapy Clinic